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Ivana Sunset

"One of the best films to have screened in the [Visions du Réel] festival… Jeff Silva's excellent film chronicles not only one couple's attempt to make a better life for themselves, but the cultural & economic rifts that defined the last decade."
—International Film Guide

"'It's not just blacks who sing the blues,' says Ivan at the beginning of the astonishing Ivan & Ivana…a kind of journey at the edge of darkness, where the American dream turns into a real nightmare...Director Jeff Silva takes his audience deeper and deeper using an effective aesthetic of long takes. A great work of art."
—Le Mag, Switzerland

"‎Silva skillfully conveys seismic shifts in Ivan and Ivana's relationship through the subtlest of touches...his is a picture worth seeing simply because of the engaging way that it brings stormy, intersecting lives to the screen in a way that resonates with pointed questions about what it means to chase after life, liberty, and happiness in our times."
—Victoria Large
Not Coming to a Theater Near You

"The titular subjects display an amazing openness toward helmer Jeff Silva and toward the camera as witness, granting viewers an unfiltered look at the U.S. economic meltdown...Silva's docu warrants limited theatrical release."